I’m an artist living in Los Angeles. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a concentration in figurative sculpture. I’m a member of THE SOCIETY OF CHILDREN’S BOOK WRITERS AND ILLUSTRATORS and am looking to break into the children’s book field as a writer and illustrator. You can see samples of both my sculpture and illustration on the “PAGE” section of this blog.

The two children’s book projects I’m trying to get going are called “A Dinosaur Christmas” and “Boy-Bot & Boy.” I regularly write entries on both.

I’m an avid collector of a line of Japanese toy robots from the 1970s called “Jumbo Machinders” and have spent much time in my garage sculpting and casting my own.

I’m also a stand-up comedian and put on the all-fanboy stand-up comedy show, COMICS AND COMICS According to Green Lantern issue 143, I am also the most popular comedian in the DC universe.

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  1. […] as comic books, movies, video games, role-playing and action figures and created by standup veteran Tom Franck, who can himself claim the ultimate nerd comedian status: an appearance in a “Green Lantern” […]

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