May 29, 2012

April marked the 1 year anniversary of my theme sketchbook project. I say “project” since the sketchbook has become two sketchbooks. Once I began bringing the sketchbook to conventions, I found myself occasionally slowed down by artists who were either very busy or not fast. Having two sketchbooks allowed me to get at least twice as many drawings (usually more as I can work around the slowpoke.)

I planned the whole thing as a gift for my daughter – I draw the first page and when there’s only one page left she will draw the last one and then the sketchbook will be hers. When I finished my drawing on the first page last April, the thought that raced through my head was “what now?” I had no idea who I was going to get to draw pages or how. I managed to amass 50 drawings in the first year – from friends, at conventions and through sending it in the mail. It’s all been quite a journey. Although I managed to get sketches throughout the entire month of April, I’m considering the final drawing of year one to be at the Boston Comic-Con. I collected five drawings at the convention and the last one was by SIMON BISLEY. I was allowed to moderate THE SIMON BISLEY AND KEVIN EASTMAN PANEL, but both were mobbed throughout the weekend and I was unsure if I was going to be able to get a sketch from him. Late Sunday afternoon, however, he did draw a page.


It was a huge sigh of relief. I was well aware that this was a rare opportunity, had been looking forward to it for a long time and was very thankful that it happened. When he was done, Bisley went through sketchbook with a boy who had been watching him draw, stopping at the ones that he liked and talking about them.


It was a special moment for me – a kind of surreal experience. It was then that I was struck by one of the reasons I started the sketchbook in the first place. The moment was gone – only existing in my mind and in the way I retold the story to others. The drawing, however, along with all of the others that I had collected – remained.

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