October 22, 2011

Here is a LINK TO THE DUMMY I’VE BEEN WORKING ON FOR BOY BOY & BOY Once on the first page, keep clicking “NEXT” to go through the story.

This project is a wordless and colorless picture book idea. I like the idea of telling a story strictly through pictures and have greatly enjoyed wordless picture books for a long time: the “A Boy, A Dog and A Frog” series by Mercer Mayer as well as the amazing works of David Wiesner “Free Fall,” “Tuesday” and “Flotsam.”

I’d finished some drawings for Boy Bot & Boy a while ago. I penciled and inked them and then showed them to some friends for notes. I’d find myself often agreeing with these notes and needing to go back and redo the entire image. I therefore decided to complete the whole book by making a dummy out of notecards.

Getting criticism on the dummy in notecard form is much more efficient as I can make changes very easily. I’ve been slowly completing pencil drawings from the notecards and updating the images in the online dummy. Once all the pencils are done, I will return to the inking.

I find it’s important to play around with the images and leave them rough since they are all I have to tell the story. I can’t suddenly add a few words to make things clearer.

I’ve also been experimenting with building some of the objects that are in the story with Google’s 3d program, Sketchup. I then position the object as I need it in any panel print it out and then trace it. One of the biggest problems with sequential storytelling is to make sure things are consistent. By creating the object in 3D, I ensure that it doesn’t change shape or size.

Some of the drawings in the dummy are very, very rough, but I hope they can still effectively tell the story.


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