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February 14, 2011

Here are a couple of more drawings for BOY-BOT & BOY. I’m drawing all these images separately and will assemble them in Photoshop for a two-page spread. The finished product will feature a big water fight between giant robots and giant monsters. (CLICK TO MAKE BIGGER)



I drew most of the above image at DRINK AND DRAW, a Los Angeles-based drawing club that meets on Thursday nights. I’d wanted to attend for a while and finally made it to Casey’s Pub. If you’re located in LA and like to draw, I’d recommend attending. The gatherings are exactly what you’d expect – a bunch of artists (mostly pros) who get together and drink and draw. What I enjoy most about the group is that you can arrive and do very little drawing if you wish and meet new people and network…or you can be an introverted artist and just sit and draw. How much socializing, drinking or drawing you wish to do is completely up to you.