October 10, 2010

Was reading some old issues of the WEST COAST AVENGERS from the John Byrne run and, in the middle of this wonderfully complex multi-issue story, came across a page of which I’m quite fond.



While I’m impressed with Byrne’s pure drawing ability, what gets me here is the sense of motion in the panels. One can almost hear Iron Man’s “suit seals” activating as we see the eye panels closing up in the center panel. The sense of motion and depth in the following panel as Iron Man dives into the ocean as the US Agent swims to shore is very strong despite very limited detail. I also like the feeling of scale of the Mole Man’s monster at the top by the way the panel is cropped. There are probably lots of comic book panels out there just as good as this one, but I was really struck by it as I read the issue.

Even more fun was how the whole storyline ended. One thing that comic books (especially Marvel Comic books) do well is get away with heroic speeches at the end of issues. With the exception of the Silver Surfer, no character in the Marvel universe is as well suited to make a big speech as Thor. Although it’s probably overdone, I still really like it. And I’m always a sucker for an asterisk that references issues that are ancient history*


*like the asterisk at the end of the Kree Skrull War in Avengers 89-97 which references Fantastic Four #2!

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