October 4, 2010



Above is a drawing of the “shuttle” of Boy-Bot for my story “Boy-Bot And Boy.” Boy-Bot and Boy are playing with toys on the flying saucer of Boy Bot’s family when Boy-Bot’s mom forces them to go outside – since it’s such a beautiful day. They travel from planet to planet to play in Boy-Bot’s shuttle.

The main goal I had in designing the shuttle was to suggest motion. My hope is that a viewer will be able to visualize it taking off – the cockpit closing, the engines firing, the landing gear retracting, the jets rotating, the rudder folding together, the exposed engine wheel spinning, etc.

The aesthetic of the entire project is inspired by the 1970s. I drew an outline of the shuttle first, scanned it in, printed out the scan and then drew the metalflake look on the printout. I scanned the printout and then added the highlights by using the eraser tool in Photoshop with the opacity set very low.

Although the project is planned to be black and white, in my mind the shuttle is bright orangne. The look of the exhaust ports is based on a design by Turbonique, a company often referred to as “The Real Acme.”

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